Black Metrosak Premium Poly Shoppers per 100

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Black Metrosak Premium Poly Shoppers per 100

The Metro Sak! A strong, reusable, heavyweight plastic bag that will live up to your store image.

The Metro-sak is a 4.25 mil, square bottomed textured poly shopping bag with die cut handles. It has a durable look and feel, which encourages the customer to reuse this bag over and over again. This is the first reusable bag designed to meet curbside recycling programs. Sold in 5 colors and 3 sizes, this new Metro-Sak just might be the reusable plastic bag solution you have been waiting for. We can print your logo on these bags too, please call us for details. Price per 100 bags.

  • 672301 - Small 9" x 7" x 4" Metrosak
  • 672401 - Medium 16" x 13" x 5" Metrosak
  • 672501 - Large 20" x 17" x 4" Metrosak
metrosak black