WR Display & Packaging

WR Display & Packaging
500 Higgins Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

WR Display & Packaging
Unit 29, 2355 52nd Ave SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2C 4X7

Plastic Bags

Plastic Retail Bags

A large assortments of colors, styles and densities, including boutique bags, economy bags, frosted handle bags, magic seal and poly bags, frosted shoppers, high density bags, Priced Right boutique bags, and cellophane bags.

Custom Printed Poly Boutique Bags - Made In Canada
Duplex 3 mil Poly Wine Bags
High-Low Side Gusset Plastic Bags
Patterned Poly Boutique Bags
Poly Mailer Shipping Envelopes
Stand Up Pouches
Priced Right Poly Boutique Bags
Oxo Biodegradable Poly Boutique Bags - Made in Canada
Premium Poly Boutique Bags - Made in Canada
T-shirt Bags
Frosted Shoppers
Magic Seal & Poly Bags
High Density Bags
Poly Garment Rolls
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