Custom Printed Zipper Suit Bags

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Custom Printed Zipper Suit Bags

A custom printed zipper suit or garment bag is an excellent way to enhance your store's image.
The bag your logo will be on will stay with your customer for a very long time.!

Don't let your customers leave without protection! Heavy, non-cracking vinyl zipper suit bags enhance your image and can provide you with an inexpensive way to advertise and get your company name out there!

So, to print zipper suit bags, you simply take the price of the plain bag, and then add $.50 per bag for a one colour print. 

A $45.00 plate charge will apply on all first time orders. Repeat orders will not be subject to this charge unless changes to your logo are required.

A deposit of 50% is required on all printed orders. Pricing is for minimum order of 100 bags.

So, what's next?  Simply contact us to get started with you custom printed zipper bag or customer printed suit bag project.


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