Custom Printed Garment Boxes

Custom Printed Garment Boxes

An important note:  (Sept. 16-2021) As of today we can no longer guarantee delivery of any new order of hot stamped packaging before the end of 2021.

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Ordering custom printed garment boxes is so easy!

We convert your logo to a printing plate, and then simply hot stamp that logo onto the top of any of our garment boxes.  Usually, only one print plate is required, and an average cost for a printing plate (required one time only) is only between $75-$100!  If you use alot of garment boxes, consider custom printing them. Custom printed garment boxes are printed right here in Canada.

So, basically to calculate the cost of custom printed garment boxes, you simply take the base cost of the garment box, and then add the additional printing cost. The minimum quantity to custom print garment boxes is 500 boxes, and we will combine sizes in increments of 200 boxes per size. Find links to all our unprinted garment boxes here .

Minimums: We customer print a minimum of 200 boxes per size, and 500 boxes in total.


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