Complete 10 ft. System X Wall Unit as Shown

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Complete 10 ft. System X Wall Unit as Shown


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10 ft. wall unit as shown $ 431.55

System X is made from heavy duty, satin chrome steel, making this system one of the strongest wall and racking systems on the market. Slots are double high and double wide 1” slots on 2” centers making retailing items easy and efficient allowing fixtures to be inserted into the same slot, right next to each other. Part of our System X store fixture system. 

10 ft. wall unit as shown includes:

4 -240329 8' System X Wall Standards
2 -240365 48" Crossbar
2 -240355 48" U-Bar
1 -240360 24" Crossbar
3 -240350 24" U-Bar
3 -230444 Maple Inset Shelf
12 -140265 Chrome Shelf Support
1 -230519 10x3 Satin Chrome Faceout
4 -230550 RH12/SC 12" Satin Chrome Faceout
1 -230547 RH6/SC 6" Satin Chrome Faceout

System X example

 This is offered as an example of what you can do with our System X store fixture system. For help designing your space with System X store fixtures, please contact us anytime. 


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