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Case Studies, Custom Printed Packaging

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Studio S 

Studio S

The approach by Studio S is to make sure that their store image is carried though all of their packaging. We were ready to help them with her custom bags,labels and ribbon. A very unified look. 

"WR Display is fantastic! Competitive pricing, reliable and quick deliveries, custom work, and the staff know their stuff!   They can answer any question and always offer helpful advice with the right product for my fashion business. I enjoy supporting this Canadian owned and operated business."  Sonja Clifton-Remple Owner - Studio S Fashion House - Regina, Sask.

Banff Sweet Shoppe

You just cannot walk down Banff Ave. in Banff and not notice the iconic Banff Sweet Shoppe. We took up the challenge to match their image with our packaging products. We sure do like the results!

Banff Sweet Shoppe

 Shelmerdine Shelmerdine
As one of Canada's premier garden centre and fashion destinations, Shelmerdine's knows how to professionally promote their image. Why would they trust us with their brand image packaging? "We've always trusted WR with our packaging needs.  Reliable and always on time, and very helpful in designing and producing our retail materials." 

Girl Candy Shop
Fashion is the menu favourite at this great Winnipeg boutique. Tissue, ribbon, labels(stickers), paper bags, plastic bags, and even garment rolls are printed with the Girl Candy logo. Thanks Girl Candy for trusting us with your image!

 girl candy
Grace and co Grace and Company Ltd.
Home decor and more is what you'll find at this new unique Winnipeg boutique.  With an flair for the unexpected, and an impecible eye for detail, this store owner has put together a winning combination.  Her packaging is also unique, taking advantage of Empire State Grey Manhattan bags, with a two colour hot stamp.  Note the custom labels, and even custom tissue too. Tell us Dorota, just how did we help you? "I am the owner of Grace & Company Ltd. I needed sound advise on my packaging requirements for my new store, WR Display & Packaging, was there to help. I not only ordered all my custom bags, tissue and stickers but as well had great help with my pricing label requirements. WR went far beyond what I would expect a company to do to help and set me up for future success." 

King's Department Store
We enter into a trust relationship with our customers when we print their retail packaging, and our relationship with King's is no exception.  Working closley with owner Ken King we developed a bag that both keeps with the tradtional feel of his store, yet exudes an upbeat style. This bag won't be missed  being seen walking down the streets of Carlyle or Wawota. "WR Display staff feel like an extension of our team...their strengths make us better and allow us to focus on what we do well."

 Kings Dept Store bag


Totem Ski Shop

When you take a look at this logo from the Totem Ski Shop in Jasper, AB, you will see that It is as beautiful as it is complex. Thin lines and delicate shapes require tight registration in printing which is almost impossible using our traditional hot stamp process. 

Because of this, Totem Ski Shop decided to take advantage of our BIG STICKERS printing option. Our team found the most proficient and inexpensive way to bring their logo to life was to use our Ink Printed BIG STICKERS process. The end result portrays the exact image of their logo and  the stickers can be literally used on anything! They can put it on a bag or a box, or give it out in promotional use to the customers. 

Thanks Totem Ski Shop for trusting us with your custom printed labels.

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