Great Examples of our Custom Printed Packaging

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Great Examples of our Custom Printed Packaging

Great Examples of our Custom Printed Packaging

Our goal is to help you express your image exactly as you perceive it. We do this by helping you get the best custom printed packaging that you can. Here you'll find some great examples of custom printed packaging we've completed for our customers just like you! Why not let us help you today with all of your custom printed packaging needs.

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What a great ink printed bag!

This is a good example of a good strong non-woven printed bag.

This custom printed non-woven bag can actually hold a cake or pie box flat on the bottom. It's got a huge gusset!

A very good example of what we can do when our customers come to us with a great design.

A Manhattan Empire State Grey bag with metallic Silver hot stamp. Very classy David, thanks!

A non woven bag with 4 colour printing on the faces and the gussets, complete with woven reinforced handle and bottom insert. This bag is really strong.

Here a perfect fashion non-woven bag we made for Trino's.  Minimum 1000 pieces on this bag.

A very nice example of what we can do with a digital print label.  Their fudge is delicious!

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia has a beautiful logo, and it looks great printed on our Manhattan style shoppers, flat paper bags, and labels.

This unmistakable logo looks great on a non-woven cloth t-shirt style bag.

This Rosarium chose 2 colours of 1-1/2" satin ribbon with a gold foil print.

Banff Ave Brewing Co. was founded in 2010, and has a very clean logo.

The Mokada took full advantage of our design to complete this very classy bag complete with silver rope handle and satin ribbon.

We like this bag, well, because we love Bothwell Cheese!

The Winnipeg Art Gallery's packaging is ever changing.

If you like it hot, Burnin' Bird Calgary is the place for you.  This is a nice bright digital label.

Colin O'brian is a classy store, with very classy packaging!

A great example of what we can do with our Digital Label Printing program.

Wide satin ribbon with a simple gold print.

The Canadian Human Rights Museum wants to keep their image simple and clean, and we think they got it right with this matte white shopper with black hot stamp.

A great Winnipeg kitchen store, if you love to cook then you need to visit their store.

Out Of The Blue has a simple image that stands out in any setting.

Fish Eye Sisters makes very unique handmade home comfort products.

Delta 9 Canabis looked to us for a unique paper bag design. We really like the way this ink printed bag looks.

These are custom printed flat kraft paper accesory bags.

A great example of what we can do when we digitally print your labels.

A nice matte white with black. thanks Cheese Gallery!

Beautiful gloss gold hot stamp on a matte white shopper.

One print on one size, another print on another.

Black on white, what can be more classic!

This is a custom printed kraft paper hardware bag.

Custom printed packing tape is somethng we do for many of our customers.

This iconic Saskatchewan retailer has a great looking paper bag.

A vintage looking paper bag for an amazing vintage store.

To get their name out into their community and beyond, this iconic retailer chose us to make their re-usable cloth bags.

Macpherson's knows how to make their name visible to anyone who walks past these great bags.

We print on our stand up pouches too. Love local is just and example, but you can have your logo on these too.

Hats on the Square really tops it off with a navy blue hot stamp on white paper shoppers.


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