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Reliable® Vivo GC Steamer-SAME DAY SHIPPING! - SKU: 250200



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Sold Per


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Vivio 100 GC Clothing Steamer

The Vivio 100 GC clothing is a professional grade fabric steamer that is suitable for commercial or home use. The steam softens the fibers, allowing the fabric to relax. Wrinkles quickly disappear, leaving a nice finished look.

The 100 GC’s unique quality components and construction make it a great economic choice for both pros and homeowners. FEATURES:  
  • -Super-Flex PVC steam hose
  • -Steam temperature 203º F
  • -Head temperature 145º F
  • -Automatic shut-off
  • -Power indicator light
  • -Thermal fuse
  • -Brass element for longer life.
  • -Anti-spill cap.
  • -Auto shut off.
  • -Power light.
  • -One gallon water capacity.
  • -1 year limited warranty.
  • -We'll get it out the door today!
  • -Makes a great gift.

We'll get it out the door today! 

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