Small Run Custom Printed Bags - Oxo-Biodegradable Poly Bags

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Small Run Custom Printed Bags - Oxo-Biodegradable Poly Bags

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Small Run Custom Printed Poly Boutique Bags
When you order custom printed bags from WR Display & Packaging, we help you to create the bag that you imagine! Custom printed poly boutique bags make an great IMPRESSION on your customers. Combine sizes to achieve volume pricing. Delivery time for this product is approx. 4-6 weeks.
Small Run Printing is based on simply adding the printing upcharge to the price of the base bag.  The upcharges for small run printing on oxo-biodegradable bags is:

small run oxo bio

Here's an example:
Quantity Code Description Bags per 500 Total
500 668600 9" x 11.5" x 2" WHITE oxo-bio poly bags  $37.85  $37.85    
500 668700 12" x 16" x 3"  WHITE oxo-bio poly bags  $56.50  $56.50
1000 671000 16" x 18" x 4"  WHITE oxo-bio poly bags  $80.50  $161.00
500 671100 20" x 23" x 5"  WHITE oxo-bio poly bags  $130.20  $130.20
 (Total 2500 bags)   Add the printing charge at $22.00 per 100:  $550.00

Total for 2500 bags printed one side one colour:


Flat rate plate charges only $100.00 (additional artwork fees may apply). You may need (or want) more than one size plate depending on the bag sizes you choose.  Each plate is an additional $100.00. Minimum 500 bags per size.

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