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Unibar U Shaped Hangrail

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Unibar U Shaped Hangrail

The Unibar wall standard hangrail system will simplify your wall using basic components to create a seamless, flowing display with minimal effort. Designed to fit perfectly between two universal wall standards, this hangrail allows you to effectively display your goods side facing. Or use the 10"x3" faceout for forward facing displays where your goods would hang towards the rear. Polished chrome. Sits approx. 13" out from th wall, and fits into universal slotted standards where the slots are 1/2" long on 1" centres.  Need help designing your store using this product?  Just ask, we're here to serve you.
Available in:

  • 261150 - 48" U Hangrail
  • 261155 - 24" U Hangrail
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261155 Unibar U Shaped Hangrail - 24" U Hangrail CA$20.50
261150 Unibar U Shaped Hangrail - 48" U Hangrail CA$27.50

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