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If you are a clothing retailer, a good tagging gun is a must have. We carry the Avery Dennison line of tagging tools, fasteners, and accessories. We are always trying to make your decisions easier, and we have come up with one more way to do just that. We are offering two pre-made starter kit packages for you. Our Priced Right Starter Kit uses regular 1", 2", or 3" fasteners and is the ideal choice for men's, women's, or children's clothes, bolts of fabric, and furniture. For more delicate fabrics, like lace, formal wear, or satin, our Priced Right Fine Fabric Tool offers you the same ease of use as the regular tagging system, but with smaller, more delicate needles and fasteners. In addition, we have a huge selection of garment tags and sale tags for any retail store environment.
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