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Retailer Resources

Welcome to WR Display & Packaging's Retailer Resources. Here you will find a wealth of information and resources that will help you with all of your retailer needs and more.

How to Properly Use Mannequins in Your Store
The right mannequin dressed in the right outfit in the centre of your window display can convey your image and entice a customer without saying a word... Read more...
Cleaning Your Jiffy Steamer
Clean your Jiffy Steamer to ensure maximum steaming performance! Here's how to do it.
Making Custom Labels and Tags
Get detailed instructions on how to create a custom label or tag with input boxes for price, product code, description, and more in Label Matrix!
Funky Bows
Make a bold statement with a Funky Bow.
Lets Play Dress Up!
A quick and easy way to dress up a simple box is with ribbon, material scraps, or other odds & ends that you may have laying around.
Gondola & Revolving Glass Setup
See setup and installation diagrams for both the Oval Gondola Display and the Revolving Pedastal glass unit. These easy to understand diagrams will make setup a breeze.
How To Make A Glass Cube Unit
Using the glass squares and connectors found here, you can make your own eye catching frameless displays quickly and easily.
Label Gun Loading Instructions
Instruction on how to load a label gun. Applies to a variety of label guns.
How To Make A Fan Folded Bag
Learn how to make fan folded paper gift bags. Great idea for a unique and simple gift packaging idea!
How To Bag Weave - Part 1
Looking for an inexpensive way to dress up a plain, ordinary paper shopper? Look no further. Try bag weaving. Itís simple, beautiful, and easy!
How To Bag Weave - Part 2
An excellent way to use up scrap ribbon pieces. Another great bag weaving tip!
Gift Basket Themes
Create theme baskets and personalized packages. Whether you are making baskets for re-sale or for gift giving, hereís some ideas to help you get started.