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Plastic Bags for your Retail Store

Retail Supplies by WR Display & Packaging in Canada is your source for wholesale retail plastic bags. We have the largest assortment of plastic bags in Canada for your retail store. Order online or call us at 1-800-665-8447.

We proudly stock the largest 
Plastic or paper? That is the questions that is plaguing retailers across the country. We are proud to offer our customers a choice, not only between paper and plastic bags, but between recyclable, biodegradable, or re-usable shopping bags. Plastic poly boutique bags are offered in our regular poly or Oxo Biodegradable poly boutique bags which reduce landfill volume and greenhouse gas effects. For a more economic choice, we offer our priced right boutique bags , high density plastic bags , and economy t-shirt bag lines. In addition to the wide assortment of colors and styles of retail bags, we also have a wide assortment of specialty plastic and polypropylene bags including cellophane and basket bags, frosted shoppers, and garment bags. Especially popular during the holiday season, cellophane cone bags are used to package all kinds of handmade items from spiced nuts to chocolates, to bath salts.
Plastic Bags

High-Low Side Gusset Plastic Bags

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Metrosak Premium Poly Shoppers

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Patterned Poly Boutique Bags

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Priced Right Poly Boutique Bags

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Oxo Biodegradable Poly Boutique Bags

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Premium Poly Boutique Bags

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T-shirt Bags

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Frosted Shoppers

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Magic Seal & Poly Bags

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Cellophane & Basket Bags

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High Density Bags

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Poly Garment Rolls

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