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Petite Oxo-Biodegradable Bag Package - A Colors

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Total of 1500 bags

CA$170.55 (US$136.44)

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Petite Oxo-Biodegradable Bag Package - A Colors

For the environmentally conscious retailer! Oxo-biodegradable bags reduce landfill volume and greenhouse gas effects. Made from a specially formulated plastic, oxo bio bags will undergo significant chemical changes when exposed to certain elements in the landfill ie: oxygen, water, bacteria etc. making these bags disintegrate at a substantially faster rate than a regular plastic bag. Recyclable.

Each petite bag package contains one of each of the following sizes:

  • Petite - 9"x11-1/2"x2" - 500/box
    Available in: 668602 - Clear, 668603 - Clear Frosted, 668600 - White, 668601 - Black
  • Small - 12"x16"x3" - 500/box
    Available in: 668702 - Clear, 668703 - Clear Frosted, 668700 - White, 668701 - Black
  • Medium - 16"x18"x4" - 500/box.
    Available in: 671002 - Clear, 671003 - Clear Frosted, 671000 - White, 671001 - Black

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Sizes may be +/- 1"

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