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Making Custom Labels & Tags With Label Matrix

Make custom labels or tags in Label Matrix in a few easy steps. Make input boxes for descriptions, prices, codes, and more! Simply load the proper tags or labels, any ribbon (if applicalbe), and start up Label Matrix to begin.

Please Note: You must also have your labels or tags set up to print correctly in Label Matrix. If you do not, please see instructions on how to do this in the Retail Resources page, "Setting Up Your Barcode Printer".

Please Note:
- Remember to save periodically by pressing the button so that you do not lose any of your work.
- You can print samples of your tag by pressing the button whenever you want.

1. Click on "Create a new label."
2. Click OK.

3. Click on "Change paper size...."
4. Click Next.

5. Click on "Continuous or die cut label stock"
6. Click Next.

7. Enter the width and height of your tag or label
8. Click Next.
9. Click Finish on the next screen.

10. You will now be in the main editing window of Label Matrix. Click on the button to add a text box.

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