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Label Gun Loading Instructions

Instruction on how to load a label gun. Applies to a variety of label guns.
1. Ensure that all 3 doors of your label gun are open. One at the back with clear cover, and two black ones at the front.
2. Place label gun on flat surface and unroll approx. 12 inches of labels with the labels facing away from you. Labels will be inserted into gun label side up.
3. Insert labels into back of label gun. Its easiest to do this while labels and label gun are laying flat on the table.
4. Labels should be fed through the very bottom hole at the back and using your finger push them through to the other side.
5. Labels should come out of the bottom hole and should sit directly on the roller with the spikes on it. Pull out approx. 10" of labels so that its easier to work with.
6. Attach the roll of labels onto the label gun by squeezing the two black grips together and then releasing them on the center label core.
7. Close the back clear door over the label roll.
8. Close the inner door.
9. While holding the inner door closed with your thumb, squeeze the handle with your other hand several times to allow the spike roller to catch on the labels.
10. Fold the labels towards you over the inner door.
11. Close the outer door over the labels.
12. Adjust your price and code if applicable by pulling out the dial and turning it to reflect the proper numbers. Be sure to re-insert the dial before proceeding.
13. Squeeze the handle to print labels and proceed to price items.