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 In canada, we stock labels and ink rolls for many Avery-Dennison, Motex, Monarch, Tag Easy & Towa label guns.  We've got labels in STOCK for all of these label guns.

Here's a simple chart to help you find your labels fast:                                                                       
Label Gun Coresponding Labels
Dennison model 210: Click Here for Avery Dennison 210 labels 
Avery-Dennison model 216: Click Here for Avery Dennison 216 labels
Avery-Dennison model 106: Click Here for Avery Dennison 106 labels
Avery-Dennison Mighty One: Click Here for Avery Dennison Mighty One labels
Motex 5500(MX5500): Click Here for Motex 5500 labels
Monarch model 1105/1110: Click Here for Monarch 1105/1110 labels
Monarch model 1115: Click Here for Monarch 1115 labels
Monarch model 1131: Click Here for Monarch 1131 labels
Monarch model 1136: Click Here for Monarch 1136 labels
Towa 1 line labeler: Click Here for Towa 1 line labels
Towa 2 line labeler Click Here for Towa 2 line labels
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