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How to Properly Use Mannequins in Your Store

The right mannequin dressed in the right outfit in the centre of your window display can convey your image and entice a customer without saying a word.  You have mere seconds to communicate to your potential customer what’s in your retail store, and what’s on your racks, so take some time to think about these important points when considering mannequins for your store....

  • Start by looking at your front window display.  Window displays tell the story of what is in your retail store.  People can more readily identify with the style and personality of your store when they see properly dressed mannequins that they can relate to.  Properly dressed mannequins say, “Come, look at this!” enticing the customer, engaging them, encouraging them to come in.
  • Next, take a look at your in-store displays.  A rack full of designer blouses is fine, but unless you showcase even one of them on some sort of mannequin, your customer is not going to stop and sort through them.  Customers can get a better look at the fit and fabric, and get a sense of how the clothes will look on a real person.  Mannequins highlight your product line, personalizing it so your customer can picture themselves in those outfits, wearing those accessories.
  • Mannequins need to communicate the style and image of your retail store to your demographic or target customer.  An elegant mannequin in a sports outfit can look downright silly, and also fail to help justify the price point of what is displayed on it, but the right mannequin in the right outfit will grab attention, make people look and help enhance your overall image.  Try to choose mannequins with skin tones that reflect your customers.  Headless or faceless mannequins are perceived as more elegant and timeless, and tend to have a more reserved pose.  For active sportswear, the mannequins should have a more animated pose. Cloth dress and suit forms are reasonably priced and work well with many different fashion styles.  Simple half shell forms work well dressed and displayed on the end of rack arms.  Do you have a children’s wear store?  Grandmas are always attracted to cute little dressed up children’s mannequins.
  • Your retail store needs to tell a story.  The mannequins in your window and in your store are one of the most powerful ways to tell that story.  Look at your mannequins through your customer’s eyes.  Are they dated?  Are their hands broken?  Is their hair from the 50’s?  Is it time to update your image by considering new mannequins? 

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