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How To Make A Fan Folded Bag

1. Insert your items inside the flat bottom, grocery style bag. Beginning at the end of the bag, carefully fan fold the top use a minimum of 3 folds. The smaller you make your folds , the more folds you will get to fan. Make sure your edges are crisp press down with the edge of a ruler, scissors or other object.
2. Once your folds are completed, hold the center down with your thumb and tie your ribbons around the middle of the bag, careful not to tie the ribbon too tight. Leave enough slack to be able to adjust the ribbon as needed.
3. Carefully fold together the two sides of the fan. Make any adjustments to the ribbon at this time, centering it as needed. At the back of the bag, use clear tape to join the two sides together in the middle. Attach a gift tag to the ribbon before you complete the bow for a unique and simple gift packaging idea!