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How To Bag Weave - Part 2

When the bag is still flat, use your single hole punch tool, to punch holes through the top and side and of the bag along both edges from top to bottom, at regular intervals.

Thread your ribbon pieces across the front of the bag, through the front hole and out the side hole.

Tie a small knot in the ends of the ribbon on each side, as close to the sides of the bag as possible, keeping the ribbon taut across the front of the bag.

Trim the edges of ribbon into a “V” by folding the ribbon in half and cutting from the center downwards towards the outside. Be sure to use very sharp scissors so that your ribbon edges do not fray. Leave the “tails” long or cut them short – but most important – HAVE FUN!

An excellent way to use up scrap ribbon pieces. Mix and match different colors and textures to get the look that you want.
There are no rules – just go with it!