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How To Bag Weave - Part 1

Looking for an inexpensive way to dress up a plain, ordinary paper shopper? Look no further. Try bag weaving. Its simple, beautiful and easy!

Keeping the bag flat, begin by measuring the length of your ribbon against the bag.
Using a sharp knife, cut through the paper bag making a slit slightly larger than the width of your ribbon. Continue to cut slits at desired intervals all the way around the bag.
Its easiest to begin weaving if you cut your ribbon end to a point before beginning the weaving process.
Begin weaving your ribbon through the slits all the way around the bag from outside to inside and then back outside.
Your bag will now look like this. With two tails sticking out the slits on the front of the bag.
Run a small line of hot glue along the length of ribbon at the slit to keep the ribbon in place.
Run a small line of hot glue along the opposite edge of the ribbon to hold it in place.
Run a small line of hot glue on the bag along the bottom edge of the ribbon about 1 long, beginning at the slit and working to the outside.
Fold the ribbon around and press into the hot glue creating a bow shape.
Repeat this process on the opposite side of the bag.
Trim the bottom of your ribbon and Voila!
Use a single hole punch tool to punch two holes on top of each other at regular intervals around the bag. Weave jute twine through the holes in a criss-cross fashion - as you would for shoe-laces. With the ends, tie a bow, make a short braid. To make it even more interesting, make a hangman's noose. A great idea for a men's gift bag. Especially if he's been naughty!