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Glass Cube Units

Using the glass squares and connectors found here, you can make your own eye catching frameless displays quickly and easily.

Click on the diagrams below to open a pop-up window that will show a colour coded diagram that will make assembly much easier! You can also download our PDF instructions that makes Glass Cube Unit setup a breeze!

Click on the links to individual items under "Glass Cube Unit Parts" to order the specific glass pieces and connectors neccessary for your Glass Cube Unit. If you require further assistance, please call us at 1-800-665-8447.

Click on the below thumbnails to see full sized colour coded diagrams of Glass Cube Units. All of the below diagrams have a glass back.

Four High Single Cube Display

Four High Double Cube Display

Four High Three Wide Cube Display

Five High Single Cube Display

Five High Double Cube Display

Glass Cube Unit Pyramid

Download the Glass Cube Unit Assembly Instructions in PDF format for easy printing and reference. This lightweight PDF is a quick download and can be viewed, printed, and saved for future reference.

Click on any of the following items to open a new window displaying the item's details and order information. From there you can order the appropriate number of pieces to complete the desired Glass Cube Unit.
24603612" x 12" Glass
24603714" x 14" Glass
2460402 Way Glass Connectors
2460453 Way Glass Connectors
2460504 Way Glass Connectors
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