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In Canada, we stock all kinds of hangers for all types of retailers and home businesses. With so many hangers to choose from, how can you decide?  Here's some tips: Top and pant hangers come in 4 basic weights; disposable hangers,  heavyweight plastic hangers, wood hangers, and chrome metal hangers.  Now, which one to use depends on a couple of factors: 1. What are you trying to display in what kind of space? 2. What type of image are you trying to portray? Disposable hangers are excellent for hanging t-shirts, or light dress shirts.  They take up very little room on a bar so you can hang lots of stock.  Heavyweight plastic hangers (our best seller) take up a little more room, but have the strength to hang dresses, jackets, hoodies or heavy shirts. Wood hangers are strong, add a really nice image to your store, and are excellent for outerwear and sportswear.  They do take up a little more room on a rack because they are thicker.  Chrome metal hangers are in a class by themselves because they are so strong, but they are thin and so you can hang allot of them on a rack.  Chrome metal hangers are good for snowsuits and work wear.
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