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Funky Bows

Supplies you will need:
Wired 1-1/2" to 2-1/2" ribbon
Metallic 5" Twist Ties
Sharp scissors
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks

1. Begin by cutting 6 strips of ribbon. Two pieces approximately 7" long. Two pieces slightly smaller than 7" and the final two pieces, slightly smaller than the last.
2. Fold the ends in half and use sharp scissors to cut a "V" into the ribbon ends. Begin in the center and cut downwards towards the outside.
3. Holding 3 of the ribbon pieces together – one of each size– wrap a metallic twist tie around the center and secure tightly. Repeat with next 3 ribbon pieces.
4. Attach the 2nd set of ribbons to the 1st set by laying one center over the other and combining the upper twist ties with the twist ties on the lower set of ribbons. Continue to combine the twist ties together until only one "arm" remains.
5. Spread out and play with the ribbons – bend and shape them until you get the effect that you like.
6. Wrap the metallic twist ties around a pen or pencil into a corkscrew shape. Remove from pen and pull on ends until they are the desired length.
7. Using a hot glue gun attach the bow to the desired location on your gift package. Attach several corkscrew twist ties randomly around the bow using the hot glue gun as well.