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Cellophane Rolls and Cellophane Bags

Clear and patterned cellophane rolls for making a gift basket for any occasion from Christmas to Mother's Day and everything in between. Our cello rolls are of the highest quality and won't rip or tear, but be sure to use the sharpest scissors you have or a Zippy cellophane cutter to ensure a nice even cut. Cellophane bags are available in multiple sizes and lots of patterns for every occasion. From the smallest 4 oz. polypropylene bag for soap, candy or chocolate to the largest 24"x30" cellophane basket bag which makes packaging a basket as easy as 1, 2, 3! Don't forget to make your cello packaging even easier with glue dots and twist ties!

Cello Bags

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Cello Rolls

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Basket Boxes and Basket Making Accessories

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