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Which Barcode Label Printing Software is Right For Me?

We sell two versions of Bartender Label Printing Software, the world's leading label software! Use this table to determine which one works best for you:

Label Printing Software Features: BASIC: PRO:

Easy to install, east to learn, easy to use! X X
Create custom labels and tags with a variety of barcodes, fonts, as well as images (including your logo) X X
Customize your label or tag to print anything from an easy to use Print Window. X X
Print product names, descriptions, sizes, styles, and prices, with any format of product code and barcode that can be read by your existing POS software or scanner. X X
Data access for network databases (using OLE DB and ODBC), as well as spreadsheets and text files.   X
Includes Batch Maker: Batch Maker makes it easy to specify a list of multiple label formats to print as a single "batch."   X
Includes Print Station: Print Station gives non-technical users easy "point and click" selection and printing of labels without ever having to see the inside of a label design program.   X
Supports RFID tags and labels   X

What Else Do I Need to Get Start Printing Barcode Labels or Tags?

Click here to go to our main Barcode Labels Supplies page. In order to start printing your own barcode labels or tags you'll need a few things such as a printer, software, labels & tags & ribbons, and a scanner. All that can be found here.