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Which Barcode Label Printer is Right For Me?

We sell four printers, use this table to determine which one works best for you:

Label Printer Model: Max Label Width: Printer Type:

GC420TT 4" max width of labels/tags  Thermal Transfer
GC420DT 4" max width of labels/tags  Direct Thermal
TLP2824 2.25" max width of labels/tags  Thermal Transfer
LP2824 2.25" max width of labels/tags  Direct Thermal

What is the difference between Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer? 

Thermal transfer printers: Thermal transfer printers require the use of a carbon ribbon which gets transferred onto the substrate via heat, hence the name "thermal transfer." The printing is very crisp and durable so this method is excellent for high density bar-codes and labels that require longevity.

Direct thermal printers: Direct thermal printers require the use of heat activated thermal papers and films, but require no ribbon. The printing is not as crisp as thermal transfer, and over time the labels will darken and fade, particularly when subjected to heat and sunlight. Direct thermal printing is a more cost effective alternative when labels are stored away from heat and sunlight, and the label shelf life is less than 1 year. It is a time saving alternative also, as you do not need to change ribbons.

What Else Do I Need to Get Start Printing Barcode Labels or Tags?

Click here to go to our main Barcode Labels Supplies page. In order to start printing your own barcode labels or tags you'll need a few things such as a printer, software, labels & tags & ribbons, and a scanner. All that can be found here.