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Barcode Labels, Tags, and printers.

Retail Supplies by WR Display & Packaging in Canada is your source for wholesale retail bar code labels and tags. We have the largest assortment of barcode labels tags and equipment in Canada for your retail store. Order online or call us at 1-800-665-8447.

Make labels and tags like a pro! Besides a cleaner more professional look for your retail environment, printed labels and tags makes maintaining a store front, pricing inventory, and inputting data into your Point of Sales (POS) software so much easier. All you need is a Barcode Label Printer, Software, Scanner and the labels, tags, or ribbon. Simply design a template or have us design it for you, print the product info you'd like on the label or tag, and scan it into your existing POS system.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

In order to start printing your own barcode labels or tags you'll need a few things:

1. Barcode Label Printer We carry a few industry quality Zebra Printers, either direct thermal or thermal transfer (we'll explain the difference here.) that can print to different maximum widths.
2. Barcode Label Software Whether you just need basic label printing software, or software that ties into your POS database or an Excel spreadsheet, we have what you need.
3. Barcode Labels, Tags, and Ribbons We carry a few stock sizes and can order custom sizes as well. If you go with a thermal transfer printer, you'll need a printer ribbon as well.
4. Barcode Hand Scanner If you already have a POS system and would like to scan barcodes into that system, the hand scanner will read your printed barcode and enter it into your POS system.
5. Barcode Label or Tag Template The template file is where you enter your price, description, etc. We'll happily design it for you or you can create it yourself. 

Need help finding something? Call us: 1-800-665-8447! We can custom order for you!

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