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The Original Alta Store Fixture System & Accessories

The Original Alta System Store Fixture System are always in stock at WR Display & Packaging. The original Alta System features a trendy satin chrome finish,. Alta wall systems and floor merchandisers will give your retail store a uniform look and can be outfitted with the accessories to suit your individual needs. All Alta  store fixtures are made with 2" x 2" satin chrome tubing, and are shipped to you ready to assemble. In particular, the Alta Wall Module is very versatile.  It fastens to your wall at the top, and once installed allows all the product weght to be centred on the floor, allowing you to hang or fold the heaviest of merchandise.

Would you like some help with Alta System Store Fixtures?  We'd be happy to help. providing you with a detailed quote and design using your provided dimensions.

Alta System & Accessories