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Acrylic Cube Displays

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Acrylic Cube Displays

Five sided acrylic cubes in a variety of sizes for a multitude of uses. One open side allows you to turn the cube open side up to fill it with bulk products for an easy, see through counter display. Turn it over to create a simple "security" cover for your more expensive counter displays like cell phones or jewellery. Or use these in your windows and floor displays. Stack them, fill them, or display them. Makes a great storage or display bin on a shelf because you can see everything that's in them.
Available in:

291040 - 6"x6"x6"
291041 - 8"x8"x8"
291042 - 10"x10"x10"
291043 - 12"x12"x12"

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291040 Acrylic Cube Displays - 6"x6"x6" CA$15.68
291041 Acrylic Cube Displays - 8"x8"x8" CA$28.95
291042 Acrylic Cube Displays - 10"x10"x10" CA$36.00
291043 Acrylic Cube Displays - 12"x12"x12" CA$44.00

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