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Honeywell's Voyager Wireless 1202g Bluetooth Hand Scanner (USB input) - SKU: 330335

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Honeywell's Voyager Wireless 1202g Bluetooth Hand Scanner (USB input)

Honeywell’s Voyager™ 1202g hand-held laser barcode scanner incorporates the freedom of Bluetooth® wireless technology and offers a field-replaceable battery that can be quickly and easily exchanged. The 1202g single-line wireless scanner delivers the aggressive linear barcode scanning that users have come to expect from the world-renowned Voyager family of scanners. Read even the poorest quality barcodes with advanced laser scanning technology that only Honeywell can deliver.

Voyager® 1202g Wireless Single-Line Laser Scanner Features and Benefits

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology: Facilitates scanning of all standard 1D bar codes 10 meters (33 feet) or more away from the base, depending on the user’s environment

Long Battery Life and Tool-Free Battery Removal: The user-preferred Lithium ion battery provides 12 hours or more of use, depending on scanning volume, and the field-replaceable battery can be exchanged quickly and easily, without the use of tools

Automatic Interface Configuration: Supports all popular interfaces in one device, replacing the time consuming process of scanning programming bar codes with automatic interface detection and configuration

Excellent Poor Quality Code Reading: Increases throughput and reduces the potential for hand-keyed errors by quickly scanning a variety of 1D bar codes, including those that are damaged or smudged

Paging Functionality: Simply press the button on the base to locate your lost scanner; Voyager 1202g responds with a series of beeps and blinking lights on its indicator panel


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